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Rowell Spur

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Rowell Spur

Gift of William H. Riggs, 1913, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Open Access Collection CC0

Accession: 14.25.1737


Art Journal

This gorgeous spur dates from the 1400s and is known as a Rowell Spur. The origin may be French or Spanish. During that time, spurs were a symbol of chivalry, often commissioned for knights and princes.

- Rowel Spur ca. 1400 French or Spanish, Catalonia

Art Journal - April 2, 2020

Thinking a lot lately about creative spirits and courage – within a time where there is clearly so much room to give and grow.


Grateful to see new initiatives at museums, and watch people like Tim at the National Cowboy Museum and Sarah from Sarah’s Greenheart Yoga branching out and pushing through what holds most back from trying something new: overthinking and feeling awkward.


And that’s why I’m posting spurs! I published a new post on Medium to tell their stories and share the tools we’ve used to pull off new means of reaching communities. You’ll find me on Medium under @artsforall


I’ve found people want to support the communities, entrepreneurs and the museums they love. They will turn up when asked, just give them a good way to do it. We’ve got nothing to lose.


Would love to feature work from the National Cowboy Museum, but I don’t see an open access policy in place just yet. Perhaps Tim can help lead the way!


Here’s the link to copy for the Medium post:
Museums, Cowboys and Yoga Instructors

Open Access is a gift.

Share, remix and give credit to the museums who are sharing freely.

There’s so much to explore and create.

- Rachel Wright, Culture Advocate & Entrepreneur
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