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Hall With Doors

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Hall with Doors

Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of Alice H. Rossin

Open Access Collection | CC0

Accession: 1982.1.20


Art Journal, SAAM

This drawing is part of a set design for Alice in Wonderland created in 1915.

- Hall with Doors (set design for Alice-in-Wonderland, 1915) by William Penhallow Henderson

Art Journal - April 3, 2020

If you like museums, you’re probably tuning in to all kinds of great digital programming – maybe for the first time or maybe you’re happy more are finding out how much can be explored. Digital is certainly a great way to open many doors!


At CultureTech my friend Richard O’Leary and I have been talking about the idea of creation through elimination. It’s a concept that runs through Blue Ocean Strategy.

Dyson – famous for eliminating bags from vacuums – just released a design for a portable ventilator that runs on batteries. Stykka Labs released a flat pack cardboard desk that comes through the mail. They both approach design from a specific angle: what happens when we eliminate what is perceived as necessary?


In that vein, now is the time to test new tools to transform how we work and how we access art. If museums can do it with an eye towards testing and scaling up on their current investment in these new tools – we just may increase access and ensure a more stable future for cultural heritage.


We’ve posted more thoughts on Medium – just look for CultureTech Notes and the COVID-19 Museum Mandate

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