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Frohe Ostern

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Happy Easter (Frohe Ostern), Urban Janke (Austrian, Blottendorf/Vienna, 1887–1914)

Museum Accession, transferred from the Library, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Creative Commons | CC0

Accession: WW.145


Art Journal, The Met

The original lithograph of this illustration says “Frohe Ostern” or “Happy Easter” in German. It’s not Easter, but the first day of spring and the two are inter-related.

- Happy Easter by Urban Janke, 1908

Art Journal - March 19, 2020

Loving this lithograph today. I’t reminds me of our neighborhood on Tiger Mountain, surrounded by rabbits and big trees, and where I am able to connect with my colleagues online as if they’re sitting right next to me.

Take on the spirit and energy of this little rabbit – keep your space and your circle of friends. We can do both.

Open Access is a gift.

Share, remix and give credit to the museums who are sharing freely.

There’s so much to explore and create.

- Rachel Wright, Culture Advocate & Entrepreneur
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